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Golf is one of the most famous sports across the country. Almost 8% of the entire population plays golf
and an even larger audience spends their time following the numerous PGA Tours on television.
Amongst avid golf players are some of the biggest and most renowned names in the country like actors
Samuel L. Jackson, Zac Efron and Morgan Freeman, Former President Barack Obama and even the
notorious gangster Al Capone was said to be an avid golfer.

Although on the surface, it doesn’t seem like golf is much of an exercise or requires a fitness routine but
the fact of the matter is quite different. Golf requires a number of health and fitness parameters to be
met by an individual in order to get the most out of the sport. Accurate swings, balance, body postures
etc., all require considerable training and time to master. Furthermore, they also require a certain
exercise regime to get the body into optimal shape.

Golf fitness is not something that pertains to athletes specifically. Almost 25 million people all over the
US indulge in this sport and golf fitness is important to each and every one of them irrespective of
gender, age or sizes. Performance training caters to this need by providing carefully tailored solutions to
individuals in order to improve the standard of their game and their ability to excel at it.

Golf presents a number of unique challenges to the human body by demanding intermittent high
pressure and high intensity activities. These include accurate swings, body balance and flexibility in
order to get the perfect shot every time and keep the body in the best of shapes while doing it. Keith
and Gina hold specialized certifications that allow them to understand the technicalities and body
requirements pertaining to this sport and train individuals respectively.


Fitness is a careful blend of diet and exercise, both of which go hand in hand. Most people tend to
ignore the importance of the fact that both these elements have to be balanced in order for them to
obtain the most effective results. Without one and other, both fail to give the best of what they’re
capable of.

At Performance Training, we understand the significance of both and provide customized services for
both. Our instructors are extremely qualified professionals with 20 to 30 years of experience under their
belts. This gives them the ability to identify and cater to every aspect of golf fitness in the most efficient
way possible.

We provide and design the exercise routines and diet plans that are personalized and carefully crafted in
order to accommodate individual requirements and give each person the result that they desire. By

placing your trust in us, we ensure you that at the end of the day, you will feel a lot more pleased with
yourself and your game.

Fitness plays such an important part in life and is such an integral part of my golf structure that I think I

might be quite good at teaching others the benefits of sport and fitness.” - Rory Mcilroy